Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sponsored Post : PPP launches Direct

This is a sponsored post

So you are a fan of PPP too, but have cursed them since ages because they don't allow advertisers to contact different websites directly, and you think that you've been missing out a pie of the action because your blog or site really holds the forte when it comes to your niche, and there are a lot of advertisers each other to get on your site?

Then it's time to Rejoice, because Pay per post has recently launched it's Direct service. This service allows advertisers to contact different websites directly, instead of launching their ads in the main pool.

This might be a little sad for those who don't manage to get too many review anyways, but would be really great if you already hold some position of repute in your particular area.

So while the inequality in the blogging world might rise, it just might mean, that as soon as you keep pushing towards greater respect in your niche, you would keep earning more and more via Direct via blog ads

And if you've never used Pay per post yet, maybe this is just the right time to do it. Within three months your blog would be able to register for PPP, and you would be able to enjoy all the benefits of this service.

So if you're interested in making some cash, head over to PPP now.

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