Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sponsored Post : Automated Cat Litter Box

Cats are very popular pets.

But the problem with them has always been litter-boxes. They are smelly, stinky and destroy the aura of your house. But not anymore. I am going to tell you about a really cool automated litterbox for you Cat called Littermaid.

The idea of having an automated Litter box came around to overcome the problem of the stinky litter. The concept is to provide a mechanism which could get rid of the litter and dump it in another place so that the smell can be reduced.

Littermaid solves the problem in a very creative way. It is a large cat litter box with a motor assembly. After your cat is gets up from the box, the sensors are activated, which move the litter to another compartment, which can be cleared later.

The motor in the Littermaid litter boxes starts working after about 10 minutes after the cat has left the box. So there is no chance of any accident happening with your cat. Also if the cat comes back within ten minutes, the timer is reset, so that the cat will stay clear of accidents no matter what.

The litter box runs on batteries, so all you need is two 8D cell batteries to have a clean and clear litter box for your cat. Also it is recommended for cats above the age of six months.

The litter boxes are available in eight different packages. The packages include LM520, LM500, LM700, LM950, LM920, LM900, LM9250 and LM 9000. The Littermaid Mega can handle a multiple cats over five times a day.

And since the litter goes into a garbage box which packs the litter and odor inside it, you wouldn't ever have to worry about litter anymore.

So if you have a cat and are fed up with the litter, this is just the perfect thing for you and your cat. So head over to the site, and get the best for your Cat.

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