Friday, June 01, 2007

File Recovery

Working on computers has always had it's own set of problems. And no matter how many times you have those problems, it's not always easy to avoid them altogether. So it becomes absolutely essential to be able to rectify those problems.

One major problem is what to do about lost files.

Being more careful is obviously the first answer, but as I said you can never be too careful. Accidents happen. So what do you do if you lose a file. To fix this problem, here is a very useful tool which can help you recover files from all sorts of accidents.

Consider this, you wrote your code in a lot of files which were scattered within folders, and then when you moved to the final location, you removed all those you didn't require. Now after some time, you realize that you have just shift deleted one of the very important files, and it's going to take you two more days to create it again. So what do you do? You use File-recovery. This software can find and recover all those files that you deleted by accident, or by some malicious virus on your computer.

Another major problem, is if your OS gets corrupted. What happens to the data. Don't worry, you can use File-recovery here again. It gets your files from lost partitions and formatted drives and damaged sectors.

Not just that, it also allows you to capture your photos and the like from flash media. So that even if your USB drive gets damaged, you can still collect all those pics that were in there.

If that isn't a useful program that what is?

And as always, I save the best one for the last. If you can't boot your system anymore, you can use File-Recovery Enterprise installation to burn a bootable CD or DVD with a lightweight version of Windows Vista (WinPE 2.0) which will run in your RAM.

So no matter what happens, File-Recovery is there to save you. And the best part, it's available from $29.95 only.

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