Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sponsored Post : Mobile Content

Mobile phones have taken over the world. When the trend of mobile phones caught up with kids in Norway, nobody assumed this would be a world changing phenomenon. Yet, Nokia grew and grew. And even in the days of the huge dot com boom, Nokia went on rising. And we knew that a new giant had raised its head.

Now it's been years since I got my first mobile, and everybody has one now. Similar to the phone market, the content market for the phone has also been increasing at tremendous rates. A lot of companies provide content, but there are some like InPhonic and WeatherBug which have dominated the market from quite an early stage.

Now they provide all sorts of content like news alerts, ring tones, horoscopes etc. Now just that, they also provide great deals on all kinds of cell phones and cell phone plans. It makes good sense to buy your phone from one of them, because you can get the best phones at amazing prices, coupled with great plans attached to them.

Then comes the content. I'm a big fan of content on the mobile. All the stock market information that I need, I have it configured on my cell, and I keep getting constant updates, which means that even if I am connected to the internet or not, I will have a constant inflow of information about my stocks. And I think this is why I love these guys, for providing such a terrific service at amazing rates.

My mom is a sucker for horoscopes. Every single day, she is sure to check out her horoscope in the newspaper and ever since I told her about how to get it on the cell, she's become my fan. Earlier she used to tell everybody that she really didn't understand what I did sitting all day on the computer, but now she's all gaga over the daily horoscopes that I configure for her.

And then there are ringtones. Even though there are a lot of free ones floating around the internet, the best that I have ever seen (heard actually) are Wirefly ringtones. You can get just the songs you want, and at affordable and good prices.

So if you're like me, and want great mobile content, head over to Wirefly, and get some.

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