Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sponsored Post : roomster

Finding roomies was always tough. Well, atleast until the internet came around. Now its probably one of the easiest thing to do. And probably one of the most famous names which has come up recently is one which solves all your hassles about apartments, subletting and roommate searching - roomster.net.

Now why has this site come up so well, in so little time? It is because of the amazing list of features that you find on the site. Starting with the very basic Google Maps, to help you pinpoint the location, quick messages to communicate effectively, quick links to allow you to sort out the links easily, and Instant messenger integration to allow quick interaction.

Moreover, you will also find profiles of the hundreds of thousands who are already on the site, so that you can read profiles, and find out how cool those people really are, and find out if you will get along well. It also covers a huge number of cities in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, and is now said to be the largest community site for roommates, flatmates, shares, rentals in these three countries.

So there it is, technology helping you find ways to improve your roomie searching, and how cool is that. All we need to wait for is now, that when will technology find a way to make sure we dont' fight with those roomies that we find.

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