Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sponsored Post : GPS In Sight

Technology brings with it amazing ways to make our lives better. Sometimes it is something as small as the cell phone, and sometimes it can be the gigantic satellites. There is hardly any aspect of our lives which stays untouched by the technological advances. And the best part is the one technology leads to another, and then to something else. Just like there are mashups on the internet, there are new exciting mashups of all the technologies.

This is why I am going to tell you about an amazing use of technology for the businesses. Ever since I heard about it, I have been dying to talk about it because it's just so awesome. The great piece of technology I'm talking about is the GPS Insight vehicle tracking system. Now what is the GPS In sight vehicle tracking system?

It is a combination of hardware and software which helps you track your vehicles in real time. It uses satellites and the AT&T or T Mobile to provide you with highly accurate vehicle locations every 2 minutes throughout the US and Canada. This means that this piece of technology can provide you with complete activity detail, fuel consumption statistics, speed violation metrics, vehicle performance details, landmark activities, and more more features.

Along with the real time data, it also allows you to track the activity for the last 90 days, reports about reckless driving with completely accurate results from the machines engine, daily reports which are updated every two minutes, off hour and weekend use of vehicles, theft recovery, emission reports and many other details. Many of those are delivered in a way in which scientists say that you can understand well, that is using graphs and maps.

This awesome product also makes sure that you feel completely at home once you start using this product. This is why the makers have also started a GPS Insight support wiki for customers and a Blog for GPS vehicle tracking so that you can learn and find out more about what when where and how things are done, so that you can use them to the maximum.

Assuming you put up just 1 light duty and 1 heavy duty vehicle to be tracked via this system, the cost, it would just cost you about $69 over a month. This means that for just above $1 a day per vehicle you can enjoy all the benifits we discussed above. Considering the amount that you would save by using the product, it would be insanity not to go for this one.

So if your business uses a lot of vehicles, and of course you have the need to track them, then you have just the perfect product on your hands.

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