Friday, November 09, 2007

Dina Keswani from the Johnson School

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3Di Analysis

Here is an interesting post on the potential of the 3di technologies
The output they created for this organization was thoughtful and thorough. One of the greatest rewards of being a professor is seeing the classroom content you are trying to convey being applied in new and meaningful ways by incredibly bright and enthusiastic students. I can honestly say that this particular independent study was one of those truly blissful moments in my teaching career. I am incredibly proud of what these NCSU MBA’s produced.

The other cool thing is that they crated useful assets that can help us all know more about how to move the enterprise 3Di agenda forward.

Here for example, is their analysis of 3Di Vendors. As fast as technology moves, I am sure that there are red dots on this table that will need to be updated almost immediately, but it is a great start.

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Christmas is here again

November is here in the full swing. The wind is cold, and the sun hardly comes out. The only consolation is the upcoming Christmas, which is about a month away now.

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MBA and your partner

Getting your wife to sponsor your MBA, read this
The finance question is a big one as well, with out a doubt. The simple answer is to look at it as a long-term investment. With this perspective, it's not really that much money and has a huge potential payoff. When considering schools in Europe, or anywhere for that matter, you can also save a significant amount by attending a one-year program vs. two-year. There are several great ones (IMD, INSEAD, etc.) just make sure that they fit with your plans. I'm a career changer myself, and I feel that it is important for me to attend a two-year program to facilitate the change. The most important difference is the internship opportunity you get with two-year programs. LBS is, in my opinion, the top two-year program in Europe (be sure to check out their new online brochure that’s got a ton of info and great videos embedded, found here: ) so if you’re switching careers too, then definitely check it out along with IESE in Barcelona.

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Value of an MBA rises in Employers eyes

Thinking about an MBA? You might like to know this:
In its annual survey of corporate recruiters, GMAC found that employers planned to hire 18 percent more graduating MBAs or other graduate business students this year over last. In contrast, hires among candidates with only an undergraduate education were projected to fall.

Employers also planned to boost their hiring of other graduate school students as well as of candidates with experience direct from industry, but not by as much as business school grads. And according to Job Outlook 2007, an annual report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, more than half the employers (56 percent) that planned to hire candidates with master’s degrees in the past year had their sights set on MBAs.

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