Tuesday, October 04, 2005

This feels like home

If I had been born two thousand years back and I had to build a house for myself, this is where I would have made it. Posted by Picasa

The Sun

The sun struggles to break out of the clouds, to see the serene beauty, for the last time, before starting for another one of his travels around the world. Shining for one last time, before they meet again... Posted by Picasa

The Last View

The last time I looked down from the Sahyadris. I was all down hill from there on. Posted by Picasa

The Road Back Home

The highway from Ahmednagar Posted by Picasa


If there were mountains covered with thick green fresh grass on side of the road, there were windmills on the other side. Posted by Picasa

Near Ahmednagar

I took this shot 20 kilometres from Ahmednagar. The place was so beautiful that I just never wanted to leave it. Posted by Picasa


Sunflowers are in great demand near Diwali, so most of the land was covered with them. Posted by Picasa


I spent some time in a sugarcane farm. You could just walk into one of the farms, nobody has any issues with it. Nice and helpful people. Posted by Picasa

The shephard

I asked him for a photograph and he just stood up smiling for one. Posted by Picasa

The Waterfall

These are the Hindu caves, which also have a beautiful waterfall, right next to the caves. I wonder if this was planned, or it was just nature's way of paying tribute. Posted by Picasa

The tree

The dying tree in front of the Jain caves. I wonder how many visitors has he seen. Posted by Picasa


Another cave Posted by Picasa


I guess this was the parking lot Posted by Picasa

Some sculptures

A close up of the wall sculptures. Posted by Picasa

The writing on the wall

The Buddhist temple. Posted by Picasa


A larger view of the temple. Posted by Picasa

The Temple

You can see the cow sitting inside. This part is on the first floor inside the temple. Posted by Picasa

The Wall

The beautifully sculpted walls of the temple Posted by Picasa

The Elephant

This elephant was in the biggest of all the caves, which was a temple. They even charged a small fee to go inside. Posted by Picasa

The Corridor

The corridor which leads upto the buddha, this one is from inside from the third floor of the largest cave. Posted by Picasa

World's biggest Monolith

The three storey structure, the biggest of it's kind in the world. Posted by Picasa

Buddhist Temple

The Buddhist Temple Posted by Picasa


One of the many brilliant caves. This one was the common study room. Posted by Picasa


Empty stares from each corner of a shared prison cell, one just escapes, one is left inside the well. Posted by Picasa


Some of the amazing sculptures on display at the Ellora caves Posted by Picasa