Monday, September 26, 2005

Fast Cars

There were some realy fast cars on the road Posted by Picasa


Budding harappa Civilization of the banks of the river. Posted by Picasa

Pot Holes

The pot-holes did open up in the end. But it lasted only for a little while. Around the same time I was travelling here, one of my friends dislocated his wrist and broke a rib 300 kms away in Lonavala, after he lost control in a pot-hole. Posted by Picasa

After 500 kms

I made a small stop near Patan, after finishing 500 kms that day. Posted by Picasa

The Ghats

 Posted by Picasa


Bringing the good news, that it wouldn't rain at night Posted by Picasa


Can't believe I was actually there Posted by Picasa


This is how electricity reaches my place. You can see a lot of them on the way form Chiplun to Karad. Posted by Picasa

Taj Mahal

 Posted by Picasa

Koyna River

Humble beginnings of the Koyna River. Posted by Picasa

Way to go

Pune is 50 kms after you cross the rightmost ghat. Posted by Picasa

Tree House

Nice house. But it seems they forgot something. This was near a waterfall, on NH-17, around 6 kms from Chiplun. Posted by Picasa

Partners in Crime

With my bike, who didn't give up on me. Posted by Picasa


 Posted by Picasa

Bark Bark

 Posted by Picasa


Did I touch Kerela too Posted by Picasa


There was this insect on the beach, infact there were a lot of them, who were digging holes in the sand, and they came out with small sand globules and placed them around like droplets of water. Posted by Picasa

Runaway Trees

The trees seem to be running away from the beach. Posted by Picasa


The clouds seem to be saying something. Posted by Picasa

Guhagar Beach

The first view of the ocean came after driving for sever hours. Though it would have been nice if it had been the evening and I wasn't along, but nonetheless it felt good to be there. Posted by Picasa


The roads were truly remarkable till the point I took this photograph. There were only stones after the turn. Posted by Picasa

Taking a Nap

The truck got pretty tired, so it dozed off for a while. Posted by Picasa


I hope this is poppy. Posted by Picasa

Caught up with friends

There are a lot of monkeys along the way from Mahabaleshwar. Posted by Picasa

Taking a Break

On my way from Mahabaleshwar to Poladpur. Posted by Picasa